Project Gallery

Here's a summary of the results of our work to date:
  • Over 100 miles of instream habitat restored benefiting 48 streams
  • Over 88 miles of riparian habitats restored along 41 streams
  • 2,900 acres of wetlands restored
  • 56,000 acres under grazing management systems
  • Over 600 stream miles of fish passage barriers removed
  • 26 fish screens installed
  • Established instream water leases 8 key tributaries
  • Established water conveyance projects on 32 tributaries
  • Supported MTFWP's monitoring efforts on 188 tributaries and 6 reaches of the Blackfoot
  • You can also download a copy of our 20 year summary report highlighting project accomplishments with our many partners: BBCTU Brochure 2011

    Check out the fruits of our efforts on the Project Gallery sub-pages.

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